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About Debe Flow Group

We are strong together!

Debe Flow Group consists of companies with excellence in their respective fields. All are manufacturing companies with their own products and a strong focus on product development and innovation. Together, we form a group with broad knowledge that can quickly deliver to our customers in Europe, regardless of whether it concerns comprehensive solutions or individual products.

Swedish quality with an environmental focus

Debe Flow Group is a comprehensive supplier of Swedish-made equipment for water supply, geoenergy, water purification, circulation, drainage and control and regulation technology for waterborne heating systems. Since 1956, we have established ourselves as a market-leading company on the Swedish market and in the rest of Europe. Although we have grown in recent years, customer proximity, flexibility and responsiveness remain as core values ​​in the business.

Our goal is clean water

Today, clean water is a matter of course for many, but the recent years' falling groundwater levels have meant an increased environmental awareness of water as an important food. By manufacturing and delivering quality products to our customers, Debe Flow Group works to ensure clean water to the market. As an innovative company, we have contributed to developing the industry, including by introducing a drinking water approved cable as standard for water pumps. We also have a wide range of energy-efficient frequency-controlled pumps for a sustainable society. Our products for geoenergy fit in well with the increased need for climate-friendly heating.

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You can read more about our entire group at www.debeflowgroup.se/en


We care about doing the right thing and to maintain our employees’, partners’ and the public’s confidence in us and our business. We therefore want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any misconducts in our organization as early as possible. In our whistleblowing service, you can submit a report on suspicion of serious misconduct. If you prefer, you can also provide such reporting in person to your manager.

We have hired an independent recipient function that manages our reporting system to maintain an independent and unattached handling of the reports. All received reports and messages are handled in a way that ensures confidentiality of your identity. Your report will be encrypted, and no IP addresses can be tracked.

To ensure your anonymity – keep the following in mind:

  • Copy this link and type in your web browser.
  • Do not use the company’s computer or network.

Link: https://whistle.qnister.com/debeflowgroup