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ECO Max - Mot järn, mangan, kalk och humus


ECO Max - Mot järn, mangan, kalk och humus

Debes kombifilter Eco Max för effektiv rening.

  • Minimal skötsel och underhåll
  • 2 års materialgaranti
  • Flödesstyrd automatisk backspolning
  • Stor saltbehållare - lätt att fylla på salt
  • Programmerad för lägsta saltförbrukning
  • Funktionsgaranti


When contaminated water passes through the ECO Max filter, it is absorbed and binds in the filter mass. After a while, the filter mass becomes saturated and must be regenerated (backwashed), this is done through a pre-programmed automatic regeneration and then salt water is used.

This filter ensures that the water is free of iron, manganese, hardness, humus (COD) and ammonium.

Where some suppliers may need to offer two or maybe three filters for these problems, we present the solution with only a single filter.


Filter Type: Capacity: l / min Height: mm Filter Tank: Salt Container: Pipe Connection: G
Eco Max CAB 15-20     115 25
Eco Max 50 25-35 155 254 520 25
Eco Max 75 35-45 180 400 520 25


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