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Eco Flow


Eco Flow

Smidigt och enkelt partikelfilter. 

  • Enkel rengöring utan att släppa på trycket
  • Inga insatsbyten
  • Kompakt installation
  • Genomskinligt glas för att enkelt se mängden partiklar/smuts som fastnat
  • Manuell spolning genom att enkelt vrida på underdelen av filtret



Particle filter that is easily cleaned by turning the lower part, which means that two "rollers" are rotated around the insert and suck out what is stuck. Particles m.m. is led down to the bottom of the filter where the water is flushed out, either in a bucket or by attaching a hose and then the flushing water leads to the floor drain or similar.

This process avoids releasing the pressure and threading the filter housing leading to the risk that it becomes leaky when you need to change the filter insert, which needs to be done on ordinary cartridge filters with cotton and carbon cartridge.


Filtration Degree: 100 μm
Dimensions: 300 x 180 x 81 mm
Min - max working pressure 1.5 - 10 bar
Backwash Flow: 0.3 l / s
Min - Max Temp ° C: 4 - 30
Connection: 1 ”
Weight: 1.8 kg
Nom flow: 4.6 (7.3m³ / h)

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